Colorful Traditions of Marriages in Islamabad

The traditions and trends that are involved in wedding in Pakistan are quite interesting. Although most of the citizens of Islamabad are quite educated and have the option of opting the modern and simpler ways of marriage but most of the people in Islamabad opt to follow the cultural tradition and trend of marriage. Most of these cultural marriages are carried out in an orthodox manner where rules and regulations are followed strictly by the family members along with the bride and bridegroom.

Meetings and Proposal of Marriage

Most of the weddings that take place in the form of love marriages or arranged marriages, has to start with the family of the boy approaching that of the girl, where the guy’s family will talk about the nature of their boy and about his salary. The girl will usually serve the tea to the guests and most of the time the ultimate decision is made by the parents of the couple. The proposal is made by the son’s family on his behalf and they present the girl with some gifts and sweets. After accepting the proposal the parents of the girl gives a word of promise known as ‘zabaan’ to marry their daughter to that particular family.

Traditional Ceremonies involved in the Cultural Wedding

Mehndi_stage_vipThe engagement party marks the coming closer and together of the to-be bride and the bridegroom. On this very day, the date of marriage gets fixed and after the Best man and Bridesmaid are chosen, it is a formal tradition for the family to take the sweets with them. Nikkah is the first important ceremony that takes place after the engagement where the contract of marriage is signed between the couple. Two witnesses are required for this ceremony and the families with the closer ones attend this. A dowry is also provided by the groom for the girl which is a sign of a financial security.

Before the Barat Function, Mehndi Function is celebration at night. Traditional Drummers or Dhol Walas are invited to make Mehndi more entertaining. Everyone dances on Dhool beat.

Few Other Ceremonies

After the Imam leaves, the ceremony of ‘Munkh Dikhai’- or the ‘Unveiling of the face’ is performed. This is the first time that the bride sits next to the groom with a veil on her face. She is unveiled by the groom and after a few delightful moments, the groom and the bride feed each other sweets and the closer ones congratulate each other. Choor, Rang, Dholki, Mehendi and Gharoli are some other cultural ceremonies involved in the weddings in Islamabad.

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